Waging Heavy Peace

A memoir from Canadian music icon Neil Young.

Neil Young

In this candid, engaging memoir, legendary songwriter and musician Neil Young looks back over his life and reflects on his career as a solo artist and his years in the limelight with influential bands like Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. He also opens up about the challenges he's faced in his private life, and shares his musings on the things that matter most to him, like the beauty of nature and the power of music. (From Blue Rider Press)

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I have a transportation thing. Cars, boats, trains. Traveling. I like moving. Once when I was walking along a street in LA at age twenty-two or twenty-three, I saw a place called Al Axelrod's. It was a car repair place. There was a red convertible's rear end poking out of the garage. I recognized it as a '53 or '54 Buick. One of my dad's friends, the author Robertson Davies, lived near us in Peterborough, Ontario, and we used to go to his house every Christmas and play charades at a party. He had a bunch of daughters. Very exciting. Anyway, he also had a '54 Buick. It was brand-new and made a large impression on me with its beautifully designed grille, taillights, and an overall shape that featured a kind of bump or ripple in the lines at about the midpoint, accentuated by a chrome strip that mirrored it. This ripple emanated from the rear wheel's circular well and was unique to Buicks. So I went inside Al Axelrod's and saw my first Buick Skylark. That really blew my mind. Only about five hundred were ever made! It was custom chopped at the factory about the same time as GM introduced the Eldorado and the Corvette. I looked for a Skylark for years, and finally John McKieg found one in a body shop in Pleasanton, California.

From Waging Heavy Peace  by Neil Young ©2012. Published by Blue Rider Press/Penguin.

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Today, we celebrate one of Canada’s greatest singer/songwriters. He’s a man who’s received multiple Juno and Grammy awards as well as the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award. He’s an officer of the Order of Canada; he’s been nominated for an academy award, and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame – twice. He’s released more than 30 albums, he’s been touring for over 40 years and reminds us that it’s better to burn out than to fade away because rust never sleeps.He’s Neil Young.
Neil Young is a lifetime addict on methadone. He thinks drugs should be decriminalized.

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