Vinyl Cafe Diaries

A book by Stuart McLean.

Stuart McLean

In Vinyl Cafe Diaries, master storyteller and humorist Stuart McLean takes us into the deepest recesses of The Vinyl Cafe. Learn all about the secret lives and hidden passions of the seemingly ordinary folk from the radio show.

What is Dave doing by himself in a Halifax hotel room with a duck?

What purloined item has Sam surreptitiously stuffed under his mattress and why?

What is it about the book club that Mary Turlington doesn't dare tell Morley?

Why is Morley skulking around with a man named Frank on the eve of her fortieth birthday?

What grisly secret is Stephanie hiding in her father's picnic cooler?

Why in the name of decency is Morley parading around in Stephanie's clothes?

What are in the mysterious brown-paper packages that Sam is receiving in the mail?

And why is Dave wearing that awful Grateful Dead T-shirt?

Vinyl Cafe Diaries exposes the answers to these urgent questions in twenty never-before-told (well, okay, told on the radio) stories of strange secrets, odd dreams, high hopes and, of course, hilarious adventures. (From Penguin Canada)

Interviews with Stuart McLean

Remembering Stuart McLean

5 years ago
Duration 2:01
Many musicians say Stuart McLean helped them launch their careers. Now they remember how the CBC radio host connected Canadians

Remembering Stuart McLean on Cross Country Checkup

5 years ago
Duration 1:52:52
A tribute to the host of The Vinyl Cafe, who died this week after a battle with cancer
Stuart McLean's editor Meg Masters and the producer of The Vinyl Cafe Jess Milton on a new collection of his holiday stories.

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