A middle-grade book by Gordon Korman. 

Gordon Korman 

Jett Baranov is Silicon Valley's number one spoiled brat. The son of a billionaire tech genius, he has everything money can buy, which means he's in the habit of getting into a lot of trouble. When one of his stunts brings in the US Air Force, Jett's father sends him off to Oasis Mind and Body Wellness centre where he'll be unplugged and disconnected from the outside world.

Of course Jett hates it instantly and does his best to get himself kicked out. But it's not as easy as he thinks. When Grace Atwater rescues a defenceless lizard, Jett is drawn into caring for the little guy with the help of Grace, Tyrell Karrigan and Brooklyne Feldman. But things aren't as they seem at Oasis. There's something going on with the head meditation pathfinder, Ivory — something dangerous that threatens the future of all the guests at Oasis. And Jett is the only one who can put a stop to it. (From Scholastic Canada)

Gordon Korman famously wrote his first book This Can't Be Happening at Macdonald Hall — a Grade 7 English assignment — at the age of 12. The middle-grade novel was the start of an iconic Canadian series about best friends Bruno and Boots and their hilarious antics at boarding school. Korman, now 54, has written over 80 books for young readers, including UngiftedRestart and I Want to Go HomeKorman's books have been translated into 32 languages and sold over 30 million copies worldwide.

Korman grew up in Toronto and now lives in Long Island, New York.

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