Under this Unbroken Sky

Under this Unbroken Sky is the debut novel by Shandi Mitchell.

Shandi Mitchell

(Penguin Random House)

In the spring of 1938, Teodor Mykolayenko returns to his family after nearly two years in prison for the crime of trying to feed them.

Given shelter by his sister Anna, his wife, Maria, and their five children barely survived on the harsh and brutal Canadian prairie landscape. Channelling a determination gained from escaping starvation and Stalin's crimes in the Ukraine, Teodor is committed to making a home.

With unbending resolve, he takes to the land and as the crops grow, his family heals and strengthens, but their comfort is soon challenged: Anna's rogue husband returns with an unforgivable plan.

Mesmerizing and passionate, Under This Unbroken Sky is an astonishing tale of family, love, betrayal and the resiliency of the human spirit. (From Penguin Random House Canada)