Una Huna?: Ukpik Learns to Sew

A picture book by Susan Aglukark, illustrated by Amiel Sandland & Rebecca Brook.

Susan Aglukark, illustrated by Amiel Sandland & Rebecca Brook

Ukpik's mother is eager to teach Ukpik how to prepare caribou skin, dry it, and use it to sew a pair of simple, useful mitts. But Ukpik can't stop thinking about the beautiful new beads her mother traded the Captain for on his last visit. They are so bright and beautiful! Anaana knows it is more important for Ukpik to learn the skills she will need to make her own clothing in the cold Arctic climate, so she insists that Ukpik sit with her and learn the basics, while having a bit of fun, too. Though Anaana won't let Ukpik sew with the new beads just yet, she does have a surprise for Ukpik that will let her enjoy the new-found treasures while also learning the skills she will need to provide for herself and her family. (From Inhabit Media)

Una Huna?: Ukpik Learns to Sew is for ages 6 to 8.

Susan Aglukark is an Inuk musician and author of children's books. Her picture book Una Huna? What is This? was published in 2018.

Amiel Sandland is an illustrator living in the Toronto area. He studied illustration at Seneca College, eventually specializing in comic arts and character design. 

Rebecca Brook is a Toronto-based artist working in the animation industry. While primarily a digital artist, she also works in traditional mediums such as oil paints and charcoal. 

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