Two Drops of Brown in a Cloud of White

A picture book by Saumiya Balasubramaniam, illustrated by Eva Campbell.

Saumiya Balasubramaniam, illustrated by Eva Campbell

A child's joy on a snowy day finally helps her mother feel at home in their new country.

A little girl and her mother walk home from school on a snowy winter day.

"So much snow," says Ma. "So monochromatic."

"Mono crow what?" her daughter replies.

Ma misses the sun, warmth and colours of their faraway homeland, but her daughter sees magic in everything — the clouds in the winter sky, the "firework" display when she throws an armful of snow into the air, making snow angels, tasting snowflakes. And in the end, her joy is contagious. Home is where family is, after all.

This gently layered, beautifully illustrated story unfolds as a conversation between a mother and daughter and will resonate with readers across generations. (From Groundwood Books)

Saumiya Balasubramaniam is an author from Ontario. She is also the author the picture book When I Found Grandmawhich was illustrated by Qin Leng.

Eva Campbell is an artist and teacher from Victoria. Her work has been exhibited around the world, including in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Barbados and Ghana. She also illustrated the picture book Africvillewhich was a finalist for the 2018 Governor General's Literary Award for young people's literature — illustrated books and the 2019 Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award.

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