Twin Studies

A novel by Keith Maillard.

Keith Maillard

Dr. Erica Bauer — an identical twin — studies twins at the university in Vancouver. Through the course of her research, she meets a set of preteen twins who are evidently fraternal, but who insist emphatically that they are identical. Their mother, Karen Oxley, is a West Van single mum whose life is on the wrong road — and who discovers an urgent need to put it back on the right one. As Erica sets out to help the twins, their lives become increasingly intertwined in unexpected ways. (From Freehand Books)

From the book

COMMENTS: Dear Interdisciplinary Twin Studies,

We are identical twins and we very much want to be in your Twin Study. We read about it on the net. Our name is Jamie and DevonOxley-Clark, we were born together on December 12, 1996, at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Our parents told us we are fraternal but we are identical. We google twins and visit all the websites and we wish we could be in a twin club or go to twin conferences. We think we are a very rare kind of identical, we bet you have never studied identicals like us, we hope you will study us. We are definitely monozygotic, we bet we had the same placenta too. We think something weird happened to our egg when it split, we hope you can tell us what, we bet we are really rare. Please read this letter all the way to the end and let us be in your Twin Study.

From Twin Studies by Keith Maillard ©2018. Published by Freehand Books.

Interviews with Keith Maillard

Keith Maillard on his latest book, Twin Studies, about the bonds between twins, the complexities of family and gender fluidity. 4:01