Tree: A Life Story

David Suzuki and Wayne Grady tell the story of a single Douglas fir tree.

David Suzuki & Wayne Grady

This is a story that spans a millennium and includes a cast of millions. It is the story of a single tree. In this clear, concise, and captivating book, renowned scientist and environmentalist David Suzuki and award-winning writer Wayne Grady describe how the tree grows and receives nourishment and what role the tree plays in the forest throughout its life. Tree also looks at the community of organisms that share its ecosystem, and the tree is placed within the context of the events going on in the larger world during the tree's lifetime. The text is augmented by Robert Bateman's evocative original art. (From Greystone Books)

From the book

Rooted securely in the earth, trees reach toward the heavens. All across the planet, trees - in a wonderful profusion of form and function - literally hold the world together... Trees are among Earth's longest-lived organisms; their lives span periods of time that extend far beyond our existence, experience, and memory. Trees are remarkable beings. Yet they stand like extras in life's drama, always there as backdrops to the ever-changing action around them, so familiar and omnipresent that we barely take notice of them.

From Tree: A Life Story by David Suzuki & Wayne Grady ©2004. Published by Greystone Books.