Travels in Cuba

A picture book by Marie-Louise Gay and David Homel.

Marie-Louise Gay and David Homel

When Charlie's artist mother is invited to visit a school in Cuba, the whole family goes along on the trip. But the island they discover is a far cry from the all-inclusive resorts that Charlie has heard his friends talk about. Charlie has never visited a country as strange and puzzling as Cuba — a country where he often feels like a time traveler. Where Havana's grand Hotel Nacional sits next to buildings that seem to be crumbling before his very eyes. Where there are many different kinds of walls — from Havana's famous sea wall to the invisible ones that seem aimed at keeping tourists and locals apart.

Then the family heads "off the beaten track," traveling by hot, dusty bus to Viñales, where Charlie makes friends with Lázaro, who often flies from Miami to visit his Cuban relatives. And as he goes from one strange and marvelous escapade to another, Charlie finds that his expectations about a place and its people are overturned again and again. (From Groundwood Books)

Marie-Louise Gay is a prolific author and illustrator of children's literature from Montreal. She has won the Governor General's Literary Award for children literature — illustration twice, for Rainy Day Magic and Yuck, A Love Story. Her other children's books include Mustafa, Any Questions? and the Stella & Sam series.

David Homel is an award-winning novelist, screenwriter, journalist and translator.

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