Too Close to the Falls

Catherine Gildiner's memoir was published in 1999.

Catherine Gildiner

Improbable friendships and brushes with death. A schoolgirl affecting the course of Aboriginal politics. Elvis and cocktails and Catholicism and the secrets buried deep beneath a place that may be another, undiscovered Love Canal — Lewiston, New York. Too Close to the Falls is a return, through time and memory, to the heart of Catherine Gildiner's childhood. And what a childhood it was. (From ECW Press)

From the book

The problem with a small town is that when you don't buy into the powers that be there are very few other choices. It's like a play where there is only a "virtuous" lead, a villain, and bit players. Better to be the villain because you're not duped into believing you're in more than a play, and at least your name goes on the program.

From Too Close to the Falls by Catherine Gildiner ©1999. Published by ECW Press.