Tomboy Survival Guide

Ivan Coyote's memoir recounts the pleasures and difficulties of growing up a tomboy in Canada's Yukon.

Ivan Coyote

Tomboy Survival Guide is a funny and moving memoir told in stories, in which Coyote recounts the pleasures and difficulties of growing up a tomboy in Canada's Yukon, and how they learned to embrace their tomboy past while carving out a space for those of us who don't fit neatly into labels. 

The book warmly recounts Coyote's adventures and mishaps as a diffident yet free-spirited tomboy, and maps their journey through treacherous gender landscapes and a maze of labels that don't quite stick, to a place of self-acceptance and an authentic and personal strength. (From Arsenal Pulp Press)

From the book

Ratchet set. Grease nipples. Plaid. Harris tweed. Cufflinks. Suede. Cedar shavings. Solid teak end tables. Drill press. Oblique muscles. Coveralls. Pocketknife. Pocket square. Roadmaps. Hatchet. Hand saw. Handkerchief. Haberdashery. Remote control. Control. Power. Power steering. Swim trunks. Button down. Plain brown belt. Drum kit. Rock. Rock hammer. Level. Chisel. Chiseled. Three-piece suit, three-way switch wiring diagram. Collar stays, razor strop, and chivalry.

None of these words have a gender.

From Tomboy Survival Guide by Ivan Coyote ©2016. Published by Arsenal Pulp Press.

Author interviews

Shelagh's extended conversation with Ivan E. Coyote and Rae Spoon, authors of "Gender Failure".
“I had a gender identity, it just didn’t fit into a gender ‘box,’” author said. “I never really had words for things, but I never really identified as a girl, either.”

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