Thunder Over Kandahar

Sharon E. McKay's young adult novel tells the story of two girls living in the heart of Taliban territory.

Sharon E. McKay

Best friends Yasmine and Tamanna are overjoyed when a school is built in their Afghan village. But when the Taliban moves in, their world is destroyed. Yasmine and Tamanna's school is burned to the ground, and then the Taliban start to target Yasmine's western-educated family. Meanwhile, Tamanna is forced into an impending arranged marriage. Desperate, the two girls flee, unaccompanied, through the heart of Taliban territory. A vivid and heartwrenching portrait of today's Afghanistan, with evocative photos by award-winning photojournalist Rafal Gerszak.

Thunder over Kandahar is for readers ages 12 and up.

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From the book

Yasmine pulled back. "Tamanna, he could be the child of a Talib or the son of a warlord. He could be anyone."

Tamanna did not respond. Yasmine looked closely at her friend. Her face was gray, her eyes half closed and dull. Worse, she was sweating. She has a fever, thought Yasmine. It was a snap decision. She looked back at the boy, who continued to motion to them, then reached over and pulled Tamanna to her feet. "Lean on me." They followed the boy.

From Thunder over Kandahar by Sharon E. McKay ©2010. Published by Annick Press.

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