Three Funerals for My Father

A book by Jolie Phuong Hoang.

Jolie Phuong Hoang

Jolie Hoang grew up as one of ten children, part of a loving, prosperous Vietnamese family. All that changed when the communists took over in 1975; the family lived in constant fear of being sent to the dreaded "new economic zone." Desperate to ensure the family's safety and to provide a future for his children, Jolie's father arranged three separate escapes. The first was a failure that cost most of their fortune, but the second was successful—six of his children reached Indonesia and ultimately settled in Canada. He and his youngest daughter drowned during the disastrous third attempt.

Alternately told from the author's perspective and that of her father's ghost, Three Funerals for My Father is a poignant story of love, grief and resilience that spans three countries and fifty years. It is an intimate story of one family, a testament to the collective experience of the "boat people" who escaped communist Vietnam, and a plea on behalf of the millions of refugees currently seeking asylum across the globe. (From Tidewater Press)

Three Funerals for My Father is available in October 2021.

Jolie Phuong Hoang arrived in Canada in 1984 after escaping from Vietnam as a teenager. She has written one other memoir, Anchorless. She lives in Fonthill, Ont.

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