This is Serious: Canadian Indie Comics

A comic edited by Joe Ollmann, Alana Traficante and Art Gallery of Hamilton.

Edited by Joe Ollmann, Alana Traficante & Art Gallery of Hamilton

This is Serious reveals the considerable contributions being made by artists from across the country to the greater field of global comics — of which Toronto, Montreal and Hamilton are significant creative centres. Surveying the work of 40 contemporary Canadian artists, This is Serious showcases the energy of underground artistic production and indie publishing as expressed through a diverse range of artists. Co-curated by Alana Traficante and award-winning cartoonist Joe Ollmann, This is Serious presents the recent arc of production that has helped shaped the current state of graphic storytelling, here and now on home soil.

Some of the cartoonists featured in this book include Seth, Julie Doucet, Fiona Smyth, Chester Brown, Jillian Tamaki, Michael DeForge, Hartley Lin, Ho Che Anderson and Kate Beaton. (From Conundrum Press)

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