Things Not to Do

Jessica Westhead's Things Not to Do is a collection of short stories that seeks to examine the dark side of ordinary people.

Jessica Westhead

A man attends a gathering on the coattails of his new, zealously empowering friend. A woman helps her husband build an escape room to free him from working for a hated boss. A veteran wedding DJ imparts wisdom, and more besides, to a new recruit. The father of a teen pop sensation gathers with his fans in the wake of a controversy. The actions of these characters, for good or ill — and there is light in their lives, as often as there is dark — stem from the same place, and Westhead cuts right to the heart of that place. They aren't scheming supervillains; they're folks trying to make the most of what they think they have — even if that sometimes means stepping on someone who doesn't deserve it. (From COR