Things No One Else Can Teach Us

Things No One Else Can Teach Us is a nonfiction book by Humble the Poet.

Humble the Poet

Humble shares raw, honest stories from his own life — from his rocky start becoming a rapper to nearly going broke to being the victim of racial prejudice — to demonstrate how a change in mindset can radically alter our outlook. This shift in perspective — one that stops seeing the negative and starts seeing the lesson or positive spin — is what no one else can teach us. We must figure things out on our own, often through difficult and heartbreaking experiences.

Humble inspires us to create these silver linings ourselves, preparing us to better handle any challenges that may arise. From a breakup to going broke to losing a loved one, our hardest moments can help us flourish, but only if we recognize and seize the opportunity. By doing so, we will become more self-aware, grateful, and empowered.

Simple yet profound, Humble's message is clear. While we can't control the vagaries of life, we have the power to control how we react to them. Things No One Else Can Teach Us reminds us all that we have the power within us to transform the way we respond to everyday challenges and ultimately be our best selves. (From HarperCollins Canada

Things No One Else Can Teach Us will be available in Oct. 2019.

Kanwer Singh, a.k.a. Humble the Poet, is a Toronto-bred MC and spoken-word artist. In 2017, he won Canada Reads when he defended the novel Fifteen Dogs by André Alexis.

Interviews with Humble the Poet

Canada Reads panellist Humble The Poet and author André Alexis ask each other some personal questions. Humble The Poet will defend Fifteen Dogs by André Alexis on Canada Reads 2017. 2:49
Canada Reads panellist, spoken-word artist and author Humble The Poet reflects on a chance conversation with Pharrell Williams that changed his life 1:44
Guest host Humble the Poet explores the Paradox of Choice, and the efforts some of us are making to simplify things in elemental ways. 54:00

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