The Way Back Home

Allan Stratton's YA novel is a road story about a girl and her grandmother travelling to find a long-lost relative.

Allan Stratton

Zoe's straitlaced and narrow-minded parents don't understand her — they are shocked by her swearing and believe that she's a bad girl. They also want to put Zoe's Granny in a seniors home, despite Zoe's objections. Sure, Granny has become a bit odd and her memory is spotty, but she's outspoken and funny, and Zoe loves her. Granny still mourns her favourite son, Teddy, who was also a troublemaker, and who died before Zoe was born. Or did he?

After a series of disastrous incidents, including a school suspension and a near-death experience, Zoe decides to liberate herself and her grandmother from their respective prisons, taking them on an unforgettable journey to Toronto, where Zoe learns the truth about her uncle and discovers strengths of her own that just might help her find a way back home. (From Scholastic Canada)

From the book

Mom's running around like a maniac, trying to make our living room look normal. Good luck with that. You can hang Walmart landscapes where the hairdo pictures go, drape nylon sheets over the dryers and cover the sinks with trays of pretzels, but a hairdressing salon is still a hairdressing salon.

From The Way Back Home   by Allan Stratton ©2017. Published by Scholastic Canada.