The Vinyl Cafe Celebrates

A book by Stuart McLean.

Stuart McLean

From the unforgettable Christmas classic "Dave Cooks the Turkey" to the tender tribute to ice-cream-loving, potato-sitting Arthur the dog in "Morte d'Arthur"; from the joys and challenges of marriage in "The Canoe Trip" to the celebration of childhood adventure in "The Waterslide."

From the beginning of life (the hilarious "Labour Pains") to the end (the touching "Love Never Ends") and all the moments — big and small — in between, these stories remind us that there are occasions to celebrate every day.

For more than two decades, Stuart McLean entered the hearts and homes of Canadians via The Vinyl Cafe radio show, his many tours across the country, and multiple nationally bestselling books. His charming, humane, and side-splitting stories brought the trials and triumphs of Dave, Morley, Sam, and Stephanie to life, and made their memorable circle of friends, family, and neighbours as real as our own.

This collection is both timely and timeless, a rich celebration of Stuart McLean's inimitable voice, and of the importance of love, community, kindness, and the healing power of laughter. (From Viking)

Stuart  McLean was a bestselling author, award-winning journalist and humourist in addition to hosting Vinyl Cafe. His other books include The Morningside WorldWelcome Home: Travels in Small Town Canada and Vinyl Cafe Diaries, which won the 2004 Canadian Authors' Association Jubilee Award. McLean was also a three-time winner of the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour. He died in 2017.

More about Stuart McLean

Remembering Stuart McLean

5 years ago
Duration 3:42
Canadian cultural icon and longtime CBC Radio host Stuart McLean died Wednesday. The Vinyl Cafe host was remembered fondly by listeners and colleagues alike 3:42

Stuart McLean receives a standing ovation at the Jubilee Auditorium after a 2011 Vinyl Cafe Christmas concert

5 years ago
Duration 0:17
Popular CBC Radio host Stuart McLean gave two Christmas concerts in Calgary in 2011 0:17

Stuart McLean | Radio's Master Storyteller

5 years ago
Duration 5:02
Stuart McLean was such a good storyteller, radio fans would stay in their cars to catch the end of his "Vinyl Cafe" tales. And he wasn't just funny... he could also poke fun at himself. [[Video at 1.05 Courtesy of This Hour Has 22 Minutes, 1:47 Courtesy of]] 5:02

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