The Vagina Bible

The Vagina Bible is a nonfiction book Dr. Jen Gunter.

Dr. Jen Gunter

So many important questions, so much convincing, confusing, contradictory misinformation! In this age of click bait, pseudoscience, and celebrity-endorsed products, it's easy to be overwhelmed — whether it's websites, advice from well-meaning friends, uneducated partners, and even healthcare providers. So how do you separate facts from fiction? OB-GYN Jen Gunter, an expert on women's health — and the internet's most popular go-to doc — comes to the rescue with a book that debunks the myths and educates and empowers women. From reproductive health to the impact of antibiotics and probiotics, and the latest trends, including vaginal steaming, vaginal marijuana products, and jade eggs, Gunter takes us on a factual, fun-filled journey. (From Random House Canada)

Dr. Jen Gunter is a Canadian ob-gyn. Her web series, Jensplaining, is available on CBC Gem. The Vagina Bible is her first book.

From the book

I have a vagenda: for every woman to be empowered with accurate information about the vagina and vulva.

One of the core tenets of medicine is informed consent. We doctors provide information about risks and benefits and then, armed with that information, our patients make choices that work for their bodies. This only works when the information is accurate and unbiased. Finding this kind of data can be challenging, as we have quickly passed through the age of information and seem to be stalled in the age of misinformation.

Snake oil and the lure of a quick fix have been around for a long time,and so false, fantastical medical claims are nothing new. However, sorting myth from medicine is getting harder and harder.

From The Vagina Bible by Dr. Jen Gunter ©2019. Published by Random House Canada.

Interviews with Dr. Jen Gunter

Dr. Jen Gunter, author of The Vagina Bible and host of CBC Gem's Jensplaining, takes calls from Cross Country Checkup listeners.

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Dr. Jen Gunter busts vaginal myths

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