The Traitors of Camp 133

A mystery from author Wayne Arthurson.

Wayne Arthurson

Captain Mueller is dead. Hanged, apparently, by his own hand. But ex-police officer and war hero Sergeant August Neumann doesn't think it's quite so simple. How could it be with blackshirts, legionnaires and communist sympathisers vying for control of the camp?

Now Sergeant Neumann must navigate these treacherous cliques to find the truth while under the watchful eyes of his Canadian captors. (From Ravenstone Books)

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From the book

Mueller looked to be kneeling in the corner, praying. But the truth was his knees were inches off the floor. A rope hung from a coat hook and was wrapped around his neck.

Sergeant August Neumann stared at the body for several minutes. He watched it, looking to see if it would twist as some hanged bodies did, but it was wedged so tightly into the corner and the rope was so taut that there was no leeway for movement.

From The Traitors of Camp 133 by Wayne Arthurson ©2016. Published by Ravenstone Books.

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