The Things I Came Here With

The Things I Came Here With is a book by Chris MacDonald.

Chris MacDonald

Three black birds layered on top of each other are flying towards the top-right of the white book cover. The red text "The Things I Came Here With" is on top of the illustration.

"Does it hurt?" When you're a tattoo artist, that's the most universal question. For Chris MacDonald, the answer is simple: hurts less than a broken heart. Those words are painted above the entrance to his shop, Under My Thumb Tattoos, as a reminder.

Chris and his brothers were as wild as the wind, in their house among the fields of Alliston, Ontario, when their parents divorced. Shell-shocked, they were uprooted and brought to Toronto by their dad. Their mother's mental illness worsened in the aftermath, and she disappeared. As a teenager, Chris left home and found himself immersed in the city's underbelly, a world where drugs, skateboarding, and punk rock reigned. Between the youth shelters, suicidal thoughts, and haunted apartments, a light shined: and it was art.

He eventually found himself following the path of his brother, Rob, and pursuing life as a tattooist. Then, at the height of a destructive summer, everything changed: he met Megan, the girl who would become his rock of ages. (From ECW Press)

Chris MacDonald is a tattoo artist and tattoo studio owner in Toronto, Ontario. He is a songwriter and a guitarist with LeBarons. The Things I Came Here With is his first book.

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