The Sweetest One

Melanie Mah's debut novel won the 2017 Trillium Book Award.

Melanie Mah

Cosmopolitan and curious 17 year-old Chrysler Wong suffers from a debilitating fear brought on by belief in a family curse. Three of her siblings have died after turning 18 and venturing beyond the borders of their tiny rural Alberta town, and the fourth, her favourite, has recently left and is incommunicado. Is she destined to share their fate — or worse, doomed to live a circumscribed life? (From Cormorant Books)

From the book

When they're in bed, I go to my room and write in my notebook, jobs that require the tying of knots: cook, cowboy, sailor, justice of the peace. Creaking. My bedroom door opens. It's my dad, wondering why I'm not asleep yet. I'm a straight-A student, almost an adult, I can tell him what to buy at the Co-op, he trusts me with money at the store, but he still thinks he can tell me when to sleep. I guess he can. We take care of each other.

From The Sweetest One by Melanie Mah ©2016. Published by Cormorant Books.