The Silent Summer of Kyle McGinley

Jan Andrews' young adult novel tells the story of a boy so fed up with being shuttled from one foster care home to another that he decides to stop speaking.

Jan Andrews

After being shuttled from foster home to foster home, Kyle McGinley knows no one cares about him or pays attention to him. So he decides to stop talking. When he ends up with the Wardmans, things just might turn around. Unless his dad shows up — then everything will just get a whole lot worse.

The Silent Summer of Kyle McGinley is for readers ages 14 and up.

From the book

Just stop hearing it. Have it go away and not come back. Hell, what if not talking means I've made more room for dear old Daddy? Too bad. I've got to try it. I don't want to talk. I just don't want to. Especially to people who don't listen. Especially when I can't say what I think. It's like I'm lying. Lying, lying, lying. Lying all my life.

From The Silent Summer of Kyle McGinley by Jan Andrews ©2013. Published by Great Plains Teen Fiction.