The Sacred Balance

David Suzuki, Amanda McConnell & Adrienne Mason first published The Sacred Balance in 1997.

David Suzuki, with Amanda McConnell & Adrienne Mason

Since The Sacred Balance was first published in 1997, global warming has become a major issue, with alarming effects being observed on all continents and in the world's oceans. Scientists have also made significant discoveries in various realms, including the state of world ecosystems, the science behind the mother/baby interaction and the workings of the brain.

In this new and extensively revised and amplified edition of his bestselling book, David Suzuki reflects on these changes and examines what they mean for our place in the world. His basic message remains the same: we are creatures of the Earth, utterly dependent on its elements, which are not just external factors, but incorporated into our very essence. (From Greystone Books / David Suzuki Foundation)

From the book

Since the 1960s, when I became involved in environmental issues, I have seen that in the battles over clearcut logging, mega-dams, chemical pollution, and so on, one side is invariably pitted against another. Each side demonizes the other so that whatever the outcome, there is always a loser. In each conflict, the beliefs and values espoused by opposing sides are fervently held but strikingly different. Under these conditions, the choice becomes spotted owls or loggers, jobs or parks, the environment or the economy. But if we are struggling for the future of our grandchildren and all coming generations, we can't afford losers.

From The Sacred Balance (Updated & Expanded) by David Suzuki, with Amanda McConnell & Adrienne Mason ©2007. Published by Greystone Books /David Suzuki Foundation.