The Remembering

A book by Susan Sinnott.

Susan Sinnott

Some memories are treasured, reread like a favourite book. Some are traumatic and won't stay buried. But memories can also be unreliable – they fade, mutate, vanish. They can affect our choices and make ripples through generations.

Widowed and retired, Liz's daughters are her whole world. But Liz's world is already crumbling under the effects of grief and early onset dementia, and only crumbles faster when her youngest daughter, Eve, reveals she's been sexually assaulted. Eve, herself a clinical psychologist, struggles to cope while properly supporting her clients – many of whom are recovering from similar trauma.

Liz's two other daughters, Carlie and Ginny, are left to pick up the pieces, trying to patch their mom's failing memory while dealing with the sibling strains of eldercare. Eventually, Eve's daughter, Rosie, becomes interested in tracing her own roots for clues about her identity, and a father figure she has no memory of. (From Vagrant Press)

Memory is at the core of all their lives: comforting or devastating, elusive, intrusive, helpful, or misleading. It begs the question: if life is all memory, what is left when it's gone? What is revealed is a story about the struggle to maintain a sense of self, of family, and of home, amidst all life can throw at you — from past, present, and future.

From the award-winning author of crossover novel Catching the Light comes this highly anticipated work of immense empathy, multi-generational trauma, and love lost, found, and remembered. (From Vagrant Press)

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