The Prince of Neither Here Nor There

Seán Cullen tells the story of a teenage boy entering high school, who discovers he is actually a faerie.

Seán Cullen

This is the first book in Canadian comedian and author Seán Cullen's Chronicles of the Misplaced Prince series. Brendan Clair is just starting high school, plagued by all the usual awkwardness that comes with adolescence. He's just trying to fit in — but a visit from an ethereal woman, and the concurrent appearance of a spiral scar on his chest, start a journey of discovery that shows Brendan his true destiny is to stand out and maybe save the human race. Turns out Brendan is a faerie, and his school friend Kim, a faerie guardian, leads him through the secret, mystical realms of Toronto. The Prince of Neither Here Nor There is a funny, heartfelt and exciting fantasy for fans of the Harry Potter series.

The Prince of Neither Here Nor There is for readers ages 12 and up.

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From the book

It was indeed a baby, wrapped in cloth swaddling that, for all its simplicity, was exquisitely woven out of a thread the nun had never seen the like of before. The weft of the cloth repelled the rainwater, making the droplets bead and run off without soaking in. Its surface bore a repeating pattern of minute, intricately entwined leaves and vines so beautifully articulated that they seemed to be alive. Sister Cecilia ran her fingers over the fabric, her eyes wide. With trembling fingers, she reached up and pulled away a fold of cloth to reveal a tiny round face.

From The Prince of Neither Here Nor There by Seán Cullen ©2009. Published by Puffin Books.

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