The Postman's Fiancée

Denis Thériault's dreamlike novel The Postman’s Fiancée is equal parts romance and suspense. It follows the English translation of his book The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman.

Denis Thériault, translated by John Cullen

The much-anticipated follow-up to the BBC Radio 2 Book Club favourite The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman is equal parts romance, dreams, and suspense.

Tania moves from Bavaria to Montreal to fine-tune her French and fall in love. Finding work as a waitress at a low-key restaurant in a working-class area of the city, she meets Bilodo, a shy postman who writes haiku and who is passionate about calligraphy. The two hit it off but then one stormy day their lives take a dramatic turn, and as their destinies become increasingly entwined the two are led into a world where nothing is as it seems.

The Postman's Fiancée reunites readers with the touching and much-loved characters first found in The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman, charming readers once again with his deft touch and lyrical prose with this love story that will move readers, young and old alike.

(From Oneworld Publications) 

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From the book

Beech Street, rue des Hêtres, was for the most part lined with maples. As a matter of fact, beeches were a rare sight there, and this toponymic incoherence hadn't escaped TaniaSchumpf's notice the first time she walked down the street, although she didn't let it bother her much. Despite the botanical inaccuracy of its name, the street was charming, with its multi-coloured facades, its quirky gables and its double line of high exterior staircases, which gave the Saint-Janvier-des-Âmes district such a particular character; Tania loved walking along rue des Hêtres on her way to work each morning. She was a waitress at the Madelinot, an unpretentious restaurant located at the corner of rue des Hêtres and rue SainteGudule

It was summer in Montreal. The weather would never be better than it was that August, when Tania was twenty-three. 

From The Postman's Fiancée by Denis Thériault, ©2017. Published by Oneworld Publications.