The Perfect Circle

Pascale Quiviger's novel follows a Montreal woman living Tuscany.

Pascale Quiviger, translated by Sheila Fischman

Marianne, a young Montrealer, has come to live in Tuscany to draw, write and examine her life. Here she meets Marco, a temptingly seductive man who still lives in his mother's house in the village and who's not prepared to commit himself to anything resembling a shared life. Though he breaks her heart, again and again, Marianne can only avoid him by returning to Canada. This first novel by Pascale Quiviger is marked by its luminous language and its unstinting look at what makes Marianne, and Marco, and, indeed, an entire village and the world beyond it, tick. (From Cormorant Books)

From the book

In the final scene of an Italian film, a family that's about to emigrate across the sea stops to eat on a beach. It's an ordinary day, with sun and wind. While the adults are chatting, a child climbs up the dune. Turning around when her efforts are over, she suddenly sees before her, as if for the very first time, the green sea, the blue sky, the horizon: life. She spreads her arms as wide as she can. She goes on looking for another moment.

Then tumbles down the slope, laughing, running, flying.

From The Perfect Circle by Pascale Quiviger, translated by Sheila Fischman ©2006. Published by Cormorant Books.