The Only Way Out

A book by Katie Kuperman.

Katie Kuperman

Kaitlyn and Rebecca are next door neighbours and the best of friends. The two young teens can''t wait to attend high school together! What they don''t know, however, is that danger the likes of which they never could have imagined looms ahead.

Just moments after they begin their exciting first day, Rebecca becomes the victim of choice for Chantel, a young, rough-edged bully at Leacrest High. What starts as a seemingly insignificant altercation outside the school cafeteria eventually escalates into physical, mental and emotional attacks, both in the flesh and online. But no one knows the depths of what she''s going through — not even her best friend, Kaitlyn.

One sunny afternoon in March, tragedy strikes and a horrible incident takes place, of which Kaitlyn is an unfortunate bystander. One thing leads to another and terrifying secrets are revealed. Now the people closest to Rebecca are forced to deal with the alarming discoveries.

Kaitlyn finds herself swallowed whole by feelings of sadness, anger, accountability and guilt. She removes herself from society and becomes diagnosed with post-traumatic stress syndrome. Battling depression and unable to participate in any of her regular day-to-day activities, it is a dark and sad time.

That is until Kaitlyn's silence is finally broken. A revelatory experience catapults her into a new life chapter — one that is signified by speaking up, because now she knows this is the only way out: for her, for victims, for bystanders and for bullies. (From Bookbaby)

Katie Kuperman is a Canadian copywriter, entrepreneur and mother of two. The Only Way Out is her first book.

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