The Naturalist

Alissa York's novel tells the story of an 1867 expedition to the Amazon.

Alissa York

Philadelphia, 1867. Amateur naturalist Walter Ash is on the brink of setting off to travel up his beloved Amazon when fate intervenes, obliging his only son to take his place. More at ease among his books than in the field, Paul Ash takes a reluctant leave of absence from Harvard's Museum of Comparative Zoology to accompany his grieving stepmother and her young companion to the fabled River Sea. Paul holds no memory of the place, though he was born there; he was still an infant when his father carried him out of the jungle and away from the mixed-blood family he might have known. As it transpires, however, neither the region nor its people have forgotten Paul. (From Random House Canada)

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From the book

The window display was crowded, yet her eye lighted immediately on a single book. Propped open on a wooden stand, it showed a colour plate of a milk snake. A common-enough sight in the barn, the creature curved like a letter of some alphabet she had yet to learn.

From The Naturalist by Alissa York ©2016. Published by Random House Canada.

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Novelist Alissa York on her novel about a 19th-century expedition to the Amazon rainforest. 18:09