The Medusa Deep

A YA novel by David Neil Lee.

David Neil Lee

Nate Silva is back battling monsters in The Medusa Deep, the long-awaited follow-up to David Neil Lee's award-winning young adult novel, The Midnight Games. After finally finding The Sorcerer, the airship that disrupted the last midnight game, Nate is kidnapped by the crew and pressed into dangerous service in the fight against the Great Old Ones, ending up on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

There H.P. Lovecraft reappears and Nate discovers a grandfather he never knew he had, a grandfather who has kept a carefully maintained harpoon gun for decades. With a group of scientists on the scene determined to investigate the uncanny Medusa Deep, things soon start to get complicated.

All the while, Nate knows something is happening back home in Hamilton. Will he be able to return in time? (From Wolsak & Wynn)

David Neil Lee is an author and musician originally from British Columbia and currently based in Ontario. His previous books include The Battle of the Five Spot, Commander Zero and The Midnight Games.

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