The Lynching of Louie Sam

Elizabeth Stewart's young adult novel tells a story of racism, murder and injustice wreaking havoc in a frontier town.

Elizabeth Stewart

Inspired by a true story, when a man is murdered in Washington Territory in the 1800s, all the suspicion falls on young Louie Sam. But 15-year-old George isn't so sure. George follows the lynch mob that sets out to get justice for the murdered man and starts to unravel the truth behind what happened and why Louie Sam got blamed.

The Lynching of Louie Sam is for readers ages 12 and up.

From the book

I walk back along the creek the way I came, thinking about my talk with Joe. There's a lot that's mysterious about the Indian way of thinking, and Joe is a particular curiosity. Sometimes he talks like a white man, and other times like an Indian. He'll always look like an Indian, though, except for his blue eyes, so I guess that decides the question as far as white folks are concerned. But it seems that everybody on this earth — whites and natives alike — suffers in one way or another. And, in one way or another, all of us are praying for that suffering to be eased.

From The Lynching of Louie Sam by Elizabeth Stewart ©2012. Published by Annick Press.