The Little Red Chairs

In Edna O'Brien's novel, a stranger masquerading as a healer settles in a small Irish village, where the locals fall under his spell.

Edna O’Brien

Vlad, a stranger from Eastern Europe, masquerading as a healer, settles in a small Irish village where the locals fall under his spell. One woman, Fidelma McBride, becomes so enamoured that she begs him for a child. All that world is shattered when Vlad is arrested, and his identity as a war criminal is revealed.

Fidelma, disgraced, flees to England and seeks work among the other migrants displaced by wars and persecution. But it is not until she confronts him — her nemesis — at the tribunal in The Hague, that her physical and emotional journey reaches its breathtaking climax. (From Little, Brown and Company)

Author interviews

From London, Eleanor Wachtel speaks with Irish writer Edna O'Brien about her new novel, 'The Little Red Chairs.' In this candid interview, the 85-year-old author explores the themes of pain, loss and love that have preoccupied her work and life.