The Kingfisher Secret

A spy thriller.


Her code name is Kingfisher. Her mission: to seduce and marry a man of wealth and political influence. Now she must protect a terrifying secret. 

October 2016: In America, the election is a few weeks away. Journalist Grace Elliott has just landed a scoop that she believes will make her career. A porn star is willing to talk about her affair with the man some hope and many fear will become the next president of the United States. But no one will touch it. Not even Grace's boss, the right-wing publisher of America's leading tabloid. Instead, Grace is sent to Europe where she discovers a story so big, so explosive that it could decide the American election and launch a new Cold War. As long as she can stay alive long enough to tell it. (From McClelland & Stewart)

From the book

"Nothing suggests the CIA or FBI have any idea about you. Not from our end. At least the files we can access." Mironov looked at Sergei and back at [Elena]. "Have they ever approached you, Mrs. Craig?"


"I know you are an intelligent and capable woman," said Mironov, continuing to study her. "But you have to play dumber than you have, as things progress."


"You are Czech. Craig married you because you are beauti­ful, not because you are smart. You are a 'trophy wife,' an aesthetic consideration, the status symbol of a rich man."

"It does not have to be so. In America, women —"

"If you are too smart, Mrs. Craig, and everyone knows him to be stupid..."

"I don't think they do."

"Never interrupt me." Still there was no anger in his eyes. "Never."

Elena did not understand what was happening.

"I am sorry, Mrs. Craig. This is probably difficult for a woman of your age and intelligence, living in New York City, to hear: but we are only interested in your husband. And we are patient. He has enormous potential for us and we will not jeopardize it for any reason. Do you understand?"

 Elena looked at her champagne, at the bubbles. What did he mean by "we"? This man was a non-entity in the KGB, like Sergei. Young and mean and, so far, powerless. This was not even a real meeting. A champagne bubble popped out of the flute and fizzed on her hand. She wanted to be away from this place. She wanted to tell Anthony, so he could... no, there was noth­ing he could do. Besides, if she confessed, Anthony would see only the risks to himself, to his reputation.

From The Kingfisher Secret by Anonymous ©2018. Published by McClelland & Stewart.

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