The Keeper of the Isis Light

Monica Hughes' young adult novel follows the keeper of a communication satellite located on an uninhabited planet, as she guides settlers from Earth to their new home.

Monica Hughes

Olwen Pendennis manages the Isis light — a lighthouse in space that helps spaceships bringing settlers from Earth, a place Olwen has never been. The day finally comes and Olwen is ready to guide them to their new home, but are they ready for her? Olwen was human once, a long time ago. The Keeper of the Isis Light is an engaging sci-fi story by Monica Hughes.

The Keeper of the Isis Light is for readers ages 13 and up.

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From the book

Slowly, inexorably, the face of the plain was being changed. Ever since Isis had vegetation, ever since the mountains had been formed, this valley had lain there, grass-filled and still except for the tiny movements of deer and nesting birds. And now it would never be the same again. Never.

From The Keeper of the Isis Light by Monica Hughes ©1980. Published by Tundra Books.

Author interviews

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