The Home for Wayward Parrots

The Home for Wayward Parrots is a novel by Darusha Wehm.

Darusha Wehm

Accustomed to being an only child, adoptee Brian "Gumbo" Guillemot's teenage hobby was searching for his birth parents. But when he finally finds his birth mother, Kim, he's unprepared for the boisterous instant family that comes with her.

Besides Kim, no one knows anything about Brian's birth father. With Kim refusing to answer any questions about him, Brian must choose whether to continue the search, even if it means alienating his few friends and both his families. But the more he learns, the more he wonders whether some things are better left unknown.

A late-bloomer's coming of age story, The Home For Wayward Parrots explores friendship, romance, modern families and geek pop culture with wit, compassion and extremely foul-mouthed birds. (From NeWest Press

From the book

I was sitting on the toilet the first time I ever spoke with my mother. It was a bad habit, taking the phone into the bathroom, but I did it every time. Ever since I got one of those phones with the internet and everything, I''d find myself surfing while taking a crap. I figure that it''s just the twenty-first century equivalent of reading the sports section on the john. Of course, the sports section never rings with the phone call you''ve been wanting to get for thirty years.

Don''t get me wrong -- I grew up with a mom and dad just like about half the rest of the world. It was almost like the descriptions in a badly written children''s book; we lived in a white clapboard house on a tree-lined street in a quaint little town. The reality is that I don''t even know what clapboard is and the house was blue, except for the year my dad got creative. Mom repainted it the next summer. Blue.

From The Home for Wayward Parrots by Darusha Wehm ©2018. Published by NeWest Press.