The Grey Sisters

The Grey Sisters is a YA novel by Jo Treggiari.

Jo Treggiari

D and Spider have always been best friends, and they are further united in their shared grief: they both lost siblings in a horrific plane crash two years earlier. A chance sighting of a beloved cuddly toy in a photograph of the only survivor raises D's hopes all over again that somehow her sister survived. She and Spider and their friend, Min, set off on a road trip to the mountainside site of that terrible crash.

Ariel has lived on the mountain all her life. She and her extended family are looked down upon by neighbouring townsfolk and she has learned to live by her wits, trusting few people outside of her isolated, survivalist community. A terrifying attack sends her down the mountain for help; on her way, she comes upon the three girls — a chance encounter that will have far-reaching consequences for them all. (From Penguin Random House Canada Teen)

The Grey Sisters is for readers aged 12 and up.

Jo Treggiari is also the author of Ashes, Ashes, a YA novel which takes place in a post-apocalyptic New York City after numerous natural disasters have left the population decimated. 

The Grey Sisters is a finalist for the 2019 Governor General's Literary Award for young people's literature — text. The winner will be announced on Oct. 29, 2019.

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