The Great Canadian Art Fraud Case

The Great Canadian Art Fraud Case is a book by Jon S. Dellandrea.

Jon S. Dellandrea

The black book cover features a gold enameled empty portrait frame being held by two hands, one on each side, in white gloves.

In May 2016, Jon S. Dellandrea came into possession of a box of the last effects of an obscure artist, William Firth MacGregor. The contents of the box chronicled a major, and long forgotten, trial involving forgeries of the art of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven.

The Great Canadian Art Fraud Case takes readers back to 1962, a time when forgeries were turning up on gallery walls, in auction houses, and (unwittingly) being hung in the homes of luminaries across Canada. Inspector James Erskine, enlisting the help of A.J. Casson, the youngest living member of the Group of Seven, set out to discover where the forgeries were coming from. Fifty years later, Dellandrea follows Erskine's hunt to the end, uncovering the masterminds behind the forgeries. (From Goose Lane Editions)

Jon S. Dellandrea is a Canadian educator, hospital foundation executive, author, and former university administrator. The CEO of the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Foundation in Toronto since 2012, Dellandrea is a senior fellow at Massey College and the vice-chair of the board at the Art Canada Institute.