The Gravesavers

Sheree Fitch's young adult novel is about a young girl who uncovers long-buried secrets when she is sent to live with her grandmother in a small Nova Scotia town.

Sheree Fitch

Minn Hotchkiss thinks she's in for a boring summer when she's sent to stay with her grandmother in a small Nova Scotia town. But when a human skull washes up on the beach — one that might be tied to the most tragic shipwreck in Nova Scotian history — things start to look a little more interesting. Minn is about to uncover secrets buried long ago, but will also have to deal with the secrets she has locked deep inside her in this compelling coming of age story.

The Gravesavers is for readers ages 11 and up.

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From the book

"Your mother lost the baby" is how my father put it the day it happened.

I pictured this cardboard box like the one we had at the elementary school for lost mittens and boots and stuff, some sort of lost and found for babies. I wanted to say, "Don't worry, I'm sure she'll find it again."

"It's a miscarriage," he continued, "but to your mother it's the death of our child. Another one. Too many."

Miscarriage. All I could see was my old doll carriage without the doll speeding down a hill towards a baby who missed it. The same way you might miss the bus. Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Missing Stage Coach.

From The Gravesavers by Sheree Fitch ©2005. Published by Doubleday Canada.

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