The Good Body

A novel by Bill Gaston.

Bill Gaston

The Good Body is a triumphant blend of mordant humour and heartbreak. It tells the comic and poignant story of a retired pro-hockey ruffian named Bobby Bonaduce who is stubbornly ignoring a disease — multiple sclerosis — that may be killing him. Bobby returns to his hometown and scams his way into university in a misguided attempt to redeem his messy past and lay emotional claim to a son he abandoned 20 years earlier. (From House of Anansi)

From the book

Doing 70, pointing north, window wide open and elbow on the edge. The falling night rushed and pounded the left ear like loud flux, like chaos itself. Here we go, what's next.

Good to blow out the cloying perfume reek — yesterday he'd hung a second pine freshener from the rearview, and this morning in the car's enclosed heat he'd snapped its string and tossed it, wincing in the smell. It was like someone had spilled Mr. Clean in the seats. He'd left the old one up and dangling. Drained of scent and almost grey, a cardboard antique, it was a talisman that had come with the car, with him a decade now. Longer than any one person.

From The Good Body by Bill Gaston ©2000. Published by House of Anansi.

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