The Curse of the Shaman

This novel by Michael Kusugak is an Inuit tale of adventure, perseverance and first-time love.

Michael Kusugak

Sometimes even shamans get cranky. That was baby Wolverine's misfortune — to be cursed by an out-of-sorts shaman frustrated by his own baby daughter's incessant crying. Not only has shaman Paaliaq forbidden the future marriage of Wolverine to Breath, Paaliaq's beautiful but teary baby girl, he has cursed Wolverine, banishing him when he becomes a young man. And even when a contrite Paaliaq later revokes the curse, the shaman's even crankier magic animal will not. Now Wolverine finds himself stranded on a barren island, locked in a life-or-death struggle to return to his home, his family and a very special young girl.

Michael Kusugak, consummate storyteller and bestselling author, conjures up an Inuit tale of adventure, perseverance and first-time love shot through with humanity and humour. This is a story perfect for its pre-teen and tween audiences, where even the strong and the mighty have bad days, the bully gets his due and a dream can come true. (From HarperCollins)

Michael Kusugak's other books include The Littlest Sled DogThe Curse of the ShamanT is for Territories and the classic A Promise Is A Promise, co-written with children's author Robert Munsch and illustrated by artist Vladyana Krykorka.


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