The Best Place on Earth

Ayelet Tsabari's book gives 11 sensitive authentic snapshots of life under the radar.

Ayelet Tsabari

The best place on Earth is wherever you are reading Ayelet Tsabari's debut short story collection. Filled with vivid characters and compelling storytelling, The Best Place on Earth is racking up rave reviews, and won the $100,000 2015 Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature. ( HarperCollins Canada)

From the book

They could see the shores of the lake now; hunks of salt floating in the water like misplaced ice floes. His ears popped. The lower they got the deeper his heart sank. Why would his Dad choose to live here? At least in the city there was a crowd one could disappear into, streets and buildings in neat rows, the space organized and contained. The desert had always made David uncomfortable, how wide open and vast it was, its landscape hard and bony, like knuckles on a fist. And there was the silence, and the deadly heat - a monster ready to open its mouth and swallow him whole.

From The Best Place on Earth by Ayelet Tsabari ©2013. Published by HarperCollins Canada.