The Affirmations by Luke Hathaway

A poetry collection by Luke Hathaway.
A book cover featuring an illustration of a man walking across the cover.

This is a story, writes Luke Hathaway, of transformation. It is a death. It is a birth. / Birth, of course, is very terrible: what can survive it? His fourth collection, and first since Years, Months, and Days, a New York Times Best Poetry Book of 2018, The Affirmations is a work of trans poetics in the most radical sense. Begun in motherhood, in an experience of birth as an experience of affirmation, and continued through Hathaway's transition, The Affirmations is a rerelationing with self and other, elder and myth. It's a book about what happened when Hathaway fell in love—and about what happened when love shot the messenger. (From Biblioasis)

Luke Hathaway is a poet who currently teaches English and creative writing at Saint Mary's University. He is also the author of Years, Months, and Days.

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