Testifyin': Contemporary African Canadian Drama, Vol. 2

Djanet Sears edits an anthology of 11 plays by black Canadian playwrights.

Djanet Sears, editor

This anthology of 11 plays — the second of two volumes — presents the work of an outstanding host of African Canadian playwrights, including Lorena Gale, Andrew Moodie, Rhoma Spencer, Susan Sandiford, Trey Anthony, Frederick Ward, debbie young, naila belvett, George Elroy Boyd and Djanet Sears.

Each play is introduced by an essay from a critic or scholar, each of whom provides rich analysis as well as historical, political and social context.

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Playwright, Djanet Sears

8 years ago
"Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness" 3:38

Djanet Sears's advice for aspiring artists

4 years ago
"Steal a minute a day. Write a sentence a day. In three years you'll have a full play." 1:17