Ten-Headed Alien

David James Brock offers a surreal trip around the cosmos in his collection of poetry.

David James Brock

Ten-Headed Alien draws from sci-fi and poli-sci, prog rock and politics, climate fiction and ancient mythology to create poems that are at once global and personal. The opening sections of the book take the reader on a harrowing sea-to-sky epic, from a drunken plane crash in the B.C. interior to the quiet beaches of Crete. Mythological creatures battle for the attention of an inverted mermaid, bionic pigeons flee their creators, barflies conjure soulmates, balloon farms exist on the moon and pigs, of course, fly. From Lake Nipissing to the moons of Jupiter, these poems travel around the world — and off it — united by the language of human fragility.

The book's final section brings an uncanny 10-headed alien to Earth and the apocalypse that unfolds is complex and devastating. Ten-Headed Alien, broad in scope, revels in strange imagery to explore the swamps between our natural and technological worlds. (From Wolsak & Wynn)

Ten-Headed Alien is available in March 2018.