Ten Garments Every Man Should Own

A book by Pedro Mendes.

Pedro Mendes

Dressing well matters and it is easily within the grasp of any man, no matter his age or budget. The problem today is that many men don't know where to turn for help in building a wardrobe.

Ten Garments Every Man Should Own is a practical and entertaining guide to dressing better by building a classic, sustainable, and ethically minded wardrobe, focused on quality garments. Each chapter covers an essential piece: shirt, jacket, hat, leather shoes, and more. Cutting through the clutter of online "experts" and fashion magazines, this book reveals the truth about what really makes a garment worth investing in and owning — how it is made, how it fits, and how it makes a man look. (From Dundurn Publishers)

Pedro Mendes is a writer style expert from Toronto. His work has appeared in Toronto Life, the Globe and Mail and Zoomer. He is a former producer with CBC, and regularly can be heard on CBC Radio. Ten Garments Every Man Should Own is his first book.

Interviews with Pedro Mendes

Blue jeans evolved from being the uniform of cowboys to a symbol of rebellion, and are now the most popular — and possibly the most polluting — garment in the world. Ideas contributor and fashion expert Pedro Mendes explores the 150-year history of jeans and the 'authenticity' they are supposed to represent. 53:59

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