Tanya Talaga

Tanya Talaga is a journalist and winner of the 2018 RBC Taylor Prize.
Tanya Talaga highlights the lives of seven Indigenous students in Seven Fallen Feathers. (CBC)

Tanya Talaga is an investigative journalist. She has received  two National Newspaper Awards recognizing her work on investigative projects. In 2017, she was named the Atkinson Fellow for public policy. The work produced during this period form the basis of Talaga's 2018 CBC Massey Lectures, All Our Relations: Finding the Path Forward.

She authored Seven Fallen Feathers: Racism, Death and Hard Truths in a Northern City in 2017, a nonfiction study of a community in northern Ontario trying to understand a series of Indigenous student deaths. The book won the 2018 RBC Taylor Prize. It also appeared on the Canada Reads 2018 longlist.

You can listen to the 2018 Massey Lectures here.

Books by Tanya Talaga

Interviews with Tanya Talaga

Why Tanya Talaga wanted to begin the 2018 CBC Massey Lectures in Thunder Bay 3:05
'This is where I am from:' Tanya Talaga explains why land connects her to all the women in her family. 2:24
Tanya Talaga is the author featured in this year's CBC Massey Lectures: All Our Relations: Finding the Path Forward, which explores youth suicide on some First Nation reserves. Talaga speaks with CBC's John Northcott about the devastating legacy of what some say amounts to cultural genocide against Indigenous people. 7:54
For the 2018 Massey Lectures, Indigenous journalist Tanya Talaga examined the devastating problem of youth suicide in Indigenous communities. She spoke to Anna Maria Tremonti about what she found. 27:30
In 2011, Toronto Star reporter Tanya Talaga went to Thunder Bay to write a story about why First Nation people were not voting in the federal election. But while in Thunder Bay she came across a more compelling, and important story: the deaths of seven 12:17
Investigative reporter Tanya Talaga, on her book about 7 students who left their homes to attend high school in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and ended up dead under mysterious circumstances. 14:35


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