Take the Long Way Home

A graphic memoir by Jon Claytor.

Jon Claytor

In 2019, artist Jon Claytor said good-bye to the Maritimes and hit the road. His destination: an artist's residency in Prince Rupert, where he planned to work on a graphic novel about his eight-week journey across Canada. But this story, like most, isn't about the destination.

When Jon sets out, he's less than two years sober, he's recently broken up with his girlfriend and his mother has just revealed a startling family secret. As Jon drives, he makes frequent stops to visit exes and children, old friends and new, and attends meetings to support his sobriety. He sorts through memories of his past, reconciling them with his present — and makes amends, seeks wisdom from wildlife, and learns the value of getting lost along the way.

In Take the Long Way Home, Claytor explores alcoholism, love, and family through heart-rending vignettes and expressive linework. This is the story of a man who unpacks a difficult past, only to discover that even at his lowest point, he was never truly alone. (From Conundrum Press)

Take the Long Way Home is available in April 2022.

Jon Claytor is a painter and writer based in Halifax. Working in oil paint, watercolour, film and digital comics, Claytor's work has been been exhibited in Toronto, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv. Take The Long Way Home is his second book after Skeleton Park People.