A collection of "literary snapshots" by Simon Brousseau, translated by Pablo Strauss.

Simon Brousseau, translated by Pablo Strauss

Synapses depicts a vast society of differing psyches, all unique, idiosyncratic, and interconnected. Simon Brousseau's beautifully crafted literary snapshots, each written in a single, stylistically accomplished sentence and featuring a different character, will linger with readers.

Synapses will integrate into your own neural pathways, inviting you to join the network of humanity the book creates. (From Talonbooks)

Synapses is a finalist for the 2019 Governor General's Literary Award for translation. The winner will be announced on Oct. 29, 2019.

From the book

Your friend who texts from time to time and gives no proof of life beyond the muffled buzzing of the phone in your pocket, the one you answer only after thinking long and hard, weighing pros and cons and concocting an excuse robust enough to put him off without tarnishing the image of this long-standing friendship, this friend you suspect may be suffering in silence, is the very same one you once enthusiastically saw every day, while now you're happiest thinking of him only when you have no other choice bcause the thought fills you with guilt.

From Synapses by Simon Brousseau, translated by Pablo Strauss ©2019. Published by Talonbooks.