Swivelmount is a book by Ken Babstock.

Ken Babstock

Swivelmount's concerns – the collapse of subject and world, eros and law, knowledge and bafflement – gain new urgency as Babstock fiercely reimagines and reassembles the remnants into a viable order. At the core of their kinetic imagery is a freefall into mourning, but also a faith in others: a Babstock poem is the voice next to you in the ER waiting room, becalmed, compassionate, darkly humorous. This is Babstock at his best. (From Coach House Books)

Ken Babstock is a poet from Newfoundland who now lives in Toronto. His collection Methodist Hatchet won the 2011 Griffin Poetry Prize. His other collections include Mean, Days Into Flatspin and Airstream Land Yacht. He received the 2014 Latner Writer's Trust Poetry Prize, which recognizes a Canadian poet in mid-career.

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